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24Strong Foundation

A 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization

The Robert Tyree Grays Memorial Scholarship Fund



This scholarship fund is established in memory of Robert Tyree Grays. Robert attended L.V. Hightower High School (2014-2016), where he was a passionate and devoted student and football player. Robert was also a faithful member of Word of Restoration International Church. 

Robert Grays was blessed with the opportunity to attend Midwestern State University not only to obtain a college degree, but also to play the sport that he loved and excelled in - Football.  On September 19, 2017, Robert Passed away as a result of a traumatic neck injury that he suffered during his college football game.

Robert was known for his big smile, heart of gold, enthusiasm, dedication to family and friends, determination for his craft, positive attitude, and his love for God. He was an excellent mentor to others and a silent leader, who chose to lead by example through his actions.

In creating this scholarship, Robert’s loved ones want to acknowledge the commitment to continued education and athletic achievement of a student from Hightower High School and/or Word of Restoration International Church.  The graduating senior earning this scholarship will be a compassionate individual who exemplifies great leadership, character, faith, and integrity. This individual will also understand that his/her purpose is meant for something greater than self and have a heart for athletics, which are all characteristics that describe Robert Tyree Grays.




Award Criteria:

Applicants are eligible for the following three types of scholarship awards:

$2,400 Honors Award

$1,240 General Award

$240 Book Scholarship


This scholarship is designated for graduating student-athletes who attend any school in Fort Bend County the city of Houston, or the surrounding areas. 


Application opens for submissions on Tuesday, February 1, 2023

 Application submission deadline is Sunday, May 1, 2023



Students, please use this checklist to compile your application packet. All items are required. Each applicant will be judged on the neatness of the application and the quality of the answers provided. If you have any questions, please contact Tammy Grays via email @


  • Completed Application

  • 1 Completed Original Essay Written by the Applicant

  • 2 Letters of Recommendation:

  • 1 letter must come from a coach or athletic administrator at your school

  • 1 letter may be from a teacher, counselor or ministry leader

  • Current High School Transcript for the most recent semester

  • You may attach your resume or profile (not required)



Original Essay


Please construct a typed essay response, double-spaced with a minimum of 500 words in APA format, addressing the following topics:

  • In your own words, describe the importance of leadership.

  • Explain how you have demonstrated leadership in your church, school, and/or community.

  • List your awards, recognitions, and educational goals.


All applications must be submitted no later than the application deadline date: May 1, 2023. You are encouraged to retain photocopies of all documents for your records. Incomplete essays and applications will not be considered. Proof of college enrollment is required to receive the cash award. 

Scholarship Banquet

All scholarship recipients are required to attend the 2023 Robert Tyree Grays Memorial Banquet. Please note the following details:


6th Annual Scholarship Banquet

Sunday, June 25, 2023 at 2:40PM

Stafford Centre Convention Center

10505 Cash Road | Stafford, TX  77477

Additional details will be provided at a later date.

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